What Are the Benefits of Co-working in a Shared Office Space?

Are you a small business trying to get rolling? Maybe you're more established and looking to grow. Perhaps you are on working on special project. Heck you might even be launching your second career.

Traditional private offices are still popular however no matter what age or phase of your career, the advantages of using a coworking or shared office space are significant.

Low Cost & Barriers to Entry

Shared offices are dramatically less expensive both upfront and ongoing. Often a 75% savings and frequently a nicer overall environment. Another big feature is that you don't need to separately fork over security deposits or deal with furniture and utilities. All of these items can add up quickly and present barriers when considering renting a traditional office. Stated differently: Great value proposition.

Really Quick Sign Up

After doing your research to finally decide on your location, the last thing you want is paperwork and delays. A coworking office allows you to step in and begin working immediately, often the same day. Stated differently: Easy sign up means easy transition.

IT Infrastructure Already in Place

For many small businesses, setting up and dealing with connectivity is both time consuming and costly since it often requires the use of your own IT professional. It can be a real pain in the neck, to say it politely. All of this is remedied by utilizing the IT substructure of a shared and flexible office suite; even you have your own unique IT needs, like a dedicated IP address or firewall requirements. Stated differently: Smile and take advantage of their set up.

Networking Opportunities & Profits

Co-working is a proven winner for running a successful business and maintaining a professional career. It happens quickly and efficiently, even if it's not your intention. Co-working leads to incredible collaboration, innovation and success. You will encounter like-minded people from many business sectors who will likely be a useful connection in your future. Your business will grow significantly from these new connections. It's pretty amazing and explains why many large companies often ask their remote employees to operate from a co-working and shared office environment. Stated differently: If you want to grow and be stimulated, join a shared office community.

Good Fortune or Coincidence?

No doubt you will encounter fellow on-site members who are seasoned entrepreneurs that will enjoy collaborating closely with you and other members in the same shared office space. They take great pride in this relationship and may even present funding and investment opportunities. Stated differently: It's not what you know, it's who you know.

Energy vs Isolation

Co-working creates the energy for you, rather than you trying to manufacture your own energy that often comes from working at a home office or in a private office. Co-working is a logical way to increase the positive effects of a work place, while diminishing the negative effects of working in an office space, home office or public place. Stated differently: Natural energy as a wonderful environment to walk right into each day.

Coworking and Big Corporations

Due to a variety of efficiencies and demands of the current work force, many large companies encourage their employees to function by a virtual office concept. This is especially true in suburban locations near large cities. These large corporations often ask their remote employees to operate from a co-working and shared office environment. Stated differently: If you want to grow and be stimulated, join a shared office community.

Coworking and Shared Office Space Problems

Look for operators of coworking and shared offices who own their buildings or who have lease expiration dates far into the future. Many current operators of shared office facilities rent their space, to effectively re-rent to you. These operators were given significant incentives by landlords including free rent. Concern arises as operators may not be able to renew their leases at favorable terms with the same landlord who now recognizes the operator needs the current location to maintain their business. This means that you take the risk that you will need to leave or find a new office for rent, creating a lot of work to transition to a new office and start new relationships. Stated differently: This hidden problem with the shared office community is kept quiet naturally, but now you are aware.

There is going to be energy and hustle in this dynamic office community, but you should look for a coworking space that has designated areas for phone calls, some facilities even offer phone booths.

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